Alientech PowerGate 4 - Remote Tuning

Did you know that it's possible to have your 4WD professionally tuned remotely?

Maximise your vehicles capabilities using the latest technology by Alientech, alongside any compatible upgrades, to unleash its full potential - no matter where you are! This state-of-the-art tuning tool boasts multiple benefits for improving vehicle performance. Our expert tuning team at VARD technologies ( has rigorously tested and verified all tune files for the Alientech PowerGate 4 module to ensure complete dependability and precision.


In short, the PowerGate 4 is a portable and personal OBD programming module. When paired with the PowerGate app, it allows for customisable vehicle tunes to be loaded and remotely applied by tuning specialists.


1. You will be sent a PowerGate 4 module via the post.

2. Plug the module into your vehicles OBD port using the relevant lead & plug supplied.

2. Download the PowerGate app (QR code provided) using your smart phone and follow the prompts.

4. Your vehicles data will be sent to VARD technologies (tuning specialist). 

5. Using your vehicles data and taking on board any specific vehicle and driving goals, VARD technologies will build you a custom-made tune within 1-3 business days

6. Once your newly built tune is ready to go it will be loaded into your PowerGate app and will be available for you to load to your vehicle.

For a more comprehensive explanation, please feel free to view the following video guides (noting that we are not in association with Viezu Technologies).

How to use the All New Powergate | Alientech Powergate 4 #Alitentech #Powergate4 (


  • The ability to have your vehicle remotely tuned using the latest cutting-edge technology
  • The option to have a further¬†3 variations of tunes (after the initial tune) stored on the single Alientech PowerGate 4 module which is easily interchangeable to suit your needs (see¬†Alientech PowerGate 4 - Additional Tunes¬†for pricing of additional tunes)
  • Increased power and performance allowing you to tap into your vehicles full potential by optimising various engine parameters
  • Improved fuel efficiency by maximising the combustion process and eliminating inefficiencies¬†
  • The ability to work one-on-one with our tuning specialist (VARD technologies) to totally customise your tune based upon personal preferences and goals
  • Quick and easy installation with comprehensive how-to guides making it accessible even for those with limited technical knowledge
  • Ongoing updates and support directly from our tuning specialist (VARD technologies)
  • No permanent modifications as tuning can easily be reverted back to the stock/factory settings is desired
  • Safety and reliability by way of carefully calibrating the tuning within safe limits to prevent potential harm or damage to your engine or drivetrain components




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